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The Global Education Gateway helps you study in France from Pakistan. We assist students from Pakistan in all the processes of applying for a France study visa from Pakistan. There are always procedures to follow whenever you want to go to France for your bachelor’s or master’s programs and we have a lot of experience in dealing with such cases.

We provide support for your university application to obtain a student visa in France. Getting a study visa to France from Pakistan. You can have access to its diverse culture, quality education system, and employment possibilities. Trust Global Education Gateway to help you achieve your goal of studying in France.


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France Study Visa Requirements to Study in France from Pakistan

Find the France study visa requirements for Pakistani students at Global Education Gateway.  Learn how to study in France hassle-free. Our expertise helps to simplify things for you so that your international education goals can be accomplished.

Academic Qualifications: A high school diploma or its equivalent is a requirement for all postgraduate programs as well as a bachelor’s from a recognized university.
Language Proficiency: Proficiency in French (DELF/DALF) or English (IELTS/TOEFL) depending on the course language.
Admission Letter: Acceptance letter from a French university or higher education institution.
Financial Proof: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
Visa Requirements: Valid student visa (long-stay visa for studies) and proof of accommodation.
Health Insurance: Mandatory health insurance coverage is valid in France.
Passport: Valid passport with at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

Why France to Study from Pakistan?

There are so many reasons why Pakistani students who seek world-class education should consider France as an excellent destination. Global Education Gateway has identified several scholarships for studying in France. France has a wealth of cultural experience to offer as well as a high standard of education due to its prestigious universities and diverse range of programs.  Explore scholarships for France study abroad opportunities that cater specifically to international students. There isn’t exactly “free” tuition in France, but it is significantly cheaper than in many other countries, especially for public universities. From language courses to cutting-edge research facilities, France provides an unparalleled academic environment. Let Global Education Gateway guide you through the application process and unlock the doors to a transformative educational journey in France.

Why Global Education Gateway as Your France Study Consultant

Global Education Gateway as your reliable consultant for French Studies. Our specialized guidance helps you reach French Universities in the shortest time possible. We have personalized services for selecting programs, visa help, and cultural preparations as well. we assist you in pursuing your academic dreams within the first-class education system of France.

Student reviews

I highly recommend GEG Consultants for newcomers who don't know much about studying or visiting abroad. They are very honest & humble. They have been very helpful to me.
Huma Khan
I am very thankful to Global Education Gateway. I hired them in 2019. Their service is as straightforward as you can imagine: make a plan, visit Global Education Gateway, and then fly to your destination.
Shams Ul Haq
Choosing Global Education Gateway was the best decision for my study abroad journey. They assisted with accommodation, and interview preparation, and continued to support me whenever I needed guidance.
Hamza Javed


Does France accept the study gap?

Yes, French universities generally accept study gaps. However, the gap should be justified with valid reasons such as work experience, internships, or personal circumstances. Ensure to provide supporting documents.

Can I work while studying in France?

Yes, international students in France can work part-time up to 964 hours per year. This is approximately 20 hours per week. It's a great way to gain work experience and help cover living expenses while studying.

Is the French language necessary to study in France?

No, many universities in France offer programs in English. However, knowing French can enhance your experience and daily life, and some programs might require basic French proficiency.

Can I study in France without an IELTS from Pakistan?

Yes, you can study in France without an IELTS from Pakistan. Many French universities accept other English proficiency tests or offer language courses to improve your skills.

Am I eligible to study law in France in English?

Yes, many universities in France offer law programs taught in English, welcoming international students. Requirements may include proficiency in English and meeting academic standards.

Can I study medicine in France in English?

Yes, some universities in France offer medicine programs taught in English. Contact us for guidance on selecting the right program for you.

How to get PR in France after studying?

Achieve Permanent Residency in France by fulfilling residency requirements, demonstrating integration, and applying through appropriate channels post-education.

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