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Global Education Gateway simplifies your journey to study in Cyprus from Pakistan. As the best Cyprus study visa consultant, we guide Pakistani students through every step of the process. Whether you dream of studying in South Cyprus or exploring other regions, our expert team ensures a smooth transition. We offer comprehensive support for those looking to study in Cyprus, from university selection to visa application. Our tailored services cater specifically to Pakistani students seeking quality education abroad. Let us help you unlock the doors to Cyprus’s world-class universities and vibrant culture. Start your academic adventure with confidence and expert guidance.


✅ Personalized Counseling

✅ Scholarship Assistance

✅ Language Test Guidance

✅ Application Assistance

✅ Visa Support

✅ Accommodation Arrangements

✅ Post-Arrival Support

Roadmap to Your Dream Cyprus University

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Checking Eligibility

Documents Preparation

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Visa and Travel Arrangements

Cyprus Study Visa Requirements from Pakistan

Discover the Cyprus study visa for Pakistani students with Global Education Gateway. We simplify the process of obtaining a Cyprus study visa from Pakistan, guiding you through the following requirements.

Valid passport (valid for 1 year+ after arrival, with 1+ blank page).
Acceptance letter from a recognized Cypriot university.
✅ Certified copies of academic qualifications.
✅ Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses.
✅ Health insurance is valid for your duration of studies in Cyprus.

Why Study in Cyprus from Pakistan?

Cyprus is an ideal destination for Pakistani students seeking quality international education. Cyprus offers world-class universities, affordable tuition, and a Mediterranean lifestyle. Students benefit from English-taught programs, recognized degrees, and opportunities to explore Europe. The island’s safe environment, multicultural atmosphere, and lower living costs compared to other EU countries make it attractive. Studying in Cyprus opens doors to global career prospects, enhances language skills, and provides a unique cultural experience. With its rich history and stunning landscapes, Cyprus combines academic excellence with unforgettable memories for Pakistani students pursuing higher education.

Why Global Education Gateway as Your Cyprus Study Consultant

Why Global Education Gateway is your ideal Cyprus study consultant. Our expert team provides personalized guidance, simplifying the complex process of studying abroad. We offer in-depth knowledge of Cyprus universities, programs, and admission requirements. Our services include application assistance, visa support, and pre-departure briefings. With strong partnerships across Cyprus Universities, we secure the best opportunities for our students. Choose Global Education Gateway for a smooth transition to your Cyprus education journey. Let us turn your international study dreams into reality with our comprehensive, student-centered approach.

Student reviews

I highly recommend GEG Consultants for newcomers who don't know much about studying or visiting abroad. They are very honest & humble. They have been very helpful to me.
Huma Khan
I am very thankful to Global Education Gateway. I hired them in 2019. Their service is as straightforward as you can imagine: make a plan, visit Global Education Gateway, and then fly to your destination.
Shams Ul Haq
Choosing Global Education Gateway was the best decision for my study abroad journey. They assisted with accommodation, and interview preparation, and continued to support me whenever I needed guidance.
Hamza Javed


How much gap is acceptable for study in Cyprus?

Generally, Cyprus institutions accept up to 5 years of study gap. However, the acceptance largely depends on the individual university's policies and the applicant's overall academic and professional profile.

Can I work while studying in Cyprus?

Yes, international students can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during holidays in Cyprus.

Is the Greek or Turkish language necessary to study in Cyprus?

No, Greek or Turkish is not necessary to study in Cyprus. Most universities offer programs in English, and many courses are taught in English, making it accessible for international students.

Can I study in Cyprus without an IELTS from Pakistan?

Yes, many universities in Cyprus accept students from Pakistan without IELTS. They may offer alternative English proficiency tests or foundation courses to meet language requirements.

Am I eligible to get a Scholarship in Cyprus?

Absolutely! As a study consultant, we can guide you in securing scholarships in Cyprus. Eligibility typically depends on your academic performance, course selection, and specific university criteria. Contact us for personalized advice!

Can I study medicine in Cyprus in English?

Yes, you can study medicine in Cyprus in English. Several universities offer English-taught medical programs, providing international students with quality education and clinical training opportunities.

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