Privacy Policy:

Global Education Gateway takes privacy seriously of all visitors on their website. Our privacy policy discusses what information we collect and how we secure it.

Log files:

Every education consultancy collects and utilizes the data of the visitors on their website in their log files. Log files include the time you visited the website, which pages you visited, your IP (internet protocol) address, the name of your browser, and your ISP (internet service provider).

Data access by Third-parties:

We do not sell or disclose any information about our visitors and clients to third party organizations. The data stays confidential with us unless there is an expert, agent, party or consultant requires it to provide better facilities to our clients which we will share upon consent from you. We also disclose the information if requested by the court due to unavoidable circumstances.


We often use cookies to provide our clients with the service they deserve. Cookies are generally known as fragments of information that are saved into the hard drive of a web user to keep a record. A cookie is set up to identify the computer of an operator and does not exactly a user itself.

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