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Are you a Pakistani student looking for scholarships to help pay for your studies in Pakistan or abroad? You have come to the right spot! Global Education Gateway will help you find a range of ongoing college and university scholarships. Not only that but, other possibilities in Pakistan for the years 2022-2023 for every uprising and ambitious student of Pakistan.

Students from Pakistan seeking PhD, Masters, or Undergraduate scholarships to pay for their education abroad can find the most recent international scholarships for Pakistani students issued by foreign universities and governments here. The range of opportunities we provide as top Scholarships for Pakistani Students help them achieve their long desired dream of studying in the world class universities from all around the globe.


Europe scholarships for Pakistani students 2022

Some of the most popular study abroad destinations are in Europe. It boasts a large number of universities. Although the competition can be fierce, it is important to consider all of your possibilities. Applicants must be driven students who are willing to work hard and meet all the expectations set by the demographics of the universities.  Europe scholarships for Pakistani students 2022 can be a big leap in your career.

Every country in Europe has its own set of rules and criteria. The majority of European Scholarships will offer a full tuition, accommodation, allowances, and other costs. To pay for their Additional Expenses, many students work part-time in Europe.

What you must know

Most European countries allow students on a student visa to work part-time. Each European country has its own unique scholarship programme. You can earn a bachelor’s, masters, or doctoral degree. We equip you with One of Europe’s best and most prestigious scholarships. You can study in any European country.

Master programmes

The majority of full-time course In Europe’s master’s degree programmes last one or two years (this will be longer if you study part-time).


In Europe, most full-time doctorates last 3 to 4 years (this will be longer if you study part-time.


USA scholarships for Pakistani students 2022

The quality of education in the United States is unparalleled and unrivalled in the globe. In terms of educational quality, it is in the top three countries. Universities in the USA have cutting-edge facilities, research-based curricula, all-encompassing theoretical and practical academic instruction, and well-trained teaching faculty. Universities in the USA have degrees that are recognized around the world, international affiliations and alliances, and current and advanced technologies that are essential for academic advancement.

In partnership with HEC and private universities, universities and private groups operate a number of scholarship programmes for Pakistani students. We’ve compiled a list of all the USA scholarships for Pakistani students 2022 to study in the USA in the following part for your convenience and complete advice.

What you must know

The United States embraces foreign students who wish to study in the country. All student visa candidates must be recognized and approved by their school or programme before applying for a visa. Educational institutions will give each candidate with the relevant permission papers to provide when applying for a student visa once they have been accepted.

Visa requirements have changed as a result of new American immigration regulations as well as the global Corona virus outbreak, but this should not deter you from pursuing your dream of studying abroad.

Master’s programme

In USA, any master’s program you take is approximately 2 years long (some might be shorter)

Doctorate/ PhD

The total time of PhD or doctorate degree is approximately 4 to 6 years max.

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